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    Austria 3€ 2021 - Nº6 Therizinosaurus. Supersaurios 39,95€ 19,95€
    Brilla en la oscuridad.

    Referencia: AUST_3_2021_s6 [24596]

    The Supersaurs series brings prehistoric giants back to life in the shape of 12 superb glow-in-the-dark coins. Each one is dedicated to a prehistoric behemoth and has a face value of three euros. Coin collecting is fun and our glow-in-the-dark Supersaur coins can bring prehistoric animals back to life both early in the day and late at night!

    The heyday of prehistoric reptiles began around 230 million years ago and they ruled the Earth for more than 160 million years. More than 1,000 different types of these extinct giants have already been found. The largest and most impressive animals to have ever lived, dinosaurs colonised all the continents and came in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.


    Not every dinosaur is actually a dinosaur. In the Mesozoic period, what we commonly refer to as ‘dinosaurs’ took over virtually all types of habitat on the planet. Large marine dinosaurs crossed the seas. Horned, armour-plated and equipped with razor-sharp claws and teeth, terrestrial dinosaurs roamed the land, while flying dinosaurs with wing spans of over 10 metres dominated the skies. However, these three groups were not related to each other, developed independently and can be clearly differentiated from each other. Indeed, only the dominant vertebrates that lived on land during the Mesozoic period can actually be classed as dinosaurs. The animals that lived in the sea during the age of the dinosaurs were marine reptiles, not dinosaurs, and flying reptiles, such as the pterodactyl, are not considered dinosaurs either. However, as the majority of the Supersaurs that feature in our coin series and its Collector album are attributed to the dinosaur group, we allow ourselves to use the generic term ‘dinosaur’ even though they are not all scientifically classified as dinosaurs.


    Since the discovery of the existence of the dinosaurs around 200 years ago, our concept of the prehistoric creatures has continued to evolve. Thanks to the work of prehistoric researchers, also known as palaeontologists, our knowledge of the world of dinosaurs has improved enormously. New information is constantly coming to light; for example, the discovery of feathered dinosaurs was a scientific sensation.

    Valor facial: 3 euros
    Diámetro: 34 mm
    Material: 25 CuNi
    Peso: 16 g
    Que brillan en la oscuridad de impresión en color

    Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde martes 09 febrero, 2021.
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    Austria  3€ 2020 - Nº3  <b>ARAMBOURGIANIA</b>. Supersaurios
    Austria 3€ 2020 - Nº3 ARAMBOURGIANIA. Supersaurios
    TEXT_CATALOGAustria monedas
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